The Helmholtz Centers in the Research Field Health are leaders in the fields and technologies required for a joint strategy that seeks to develop new preventive and therapeutic strategies tailored to the needs of individual patients. The Initiative will build a common platform for high-throughput and information technologies, in which scientists work closely together with academic clinical partners and other translational centers. Platforms will share and exchange scientists, protocols, samples and quality controls strategies on a regular basis.

The six centers have excellent expertise in one or more of the following technologies, which are used to answer the questions in the iMed projects. Collaboration among the centers allows sharing state-of-the-art technologies and represents one of iMed’s major strengths. Thus, the centers will mutually analyze samples with respective technology, and jointly benefit from the results. The existing infrastructure and know-how are bundled within iMed, in order to offer cutting-edge technologies to researchers at all Helmholtz Centers.

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