Definition: The term "molecular imaging" refers to the use of molecularly oriented research to biochemical and / or cellular processes using different imaging methods such as medical ultrasonics to locate radionuclide, magnetic resonance and fluorescence imaging and microscopy and monitor.

iMed will facilitate approaching joint challenges in the field of imaging by coordinating research efforts, optimizing use of infrastructure and bundling expertise across the centers and population studies.

Among others, iMed will help to:

  • Establish pipelines for joint molecular imaging and PET tracer development and utilization (novel cross-disciplinary applications for existing tracers)
  • Develop/share prototypes of novel imaging technologies for ultrahigh-field MR and MR-PET
  • Establish an interdisciplinary group for computational morphometry and image analysis for the National Cohort and population studies at the DZNE

HMGU: Karl-Hans Englmeier, Vasilis Ntziachristos, (Biomedical Imaging), Jakob Linseisen (Population Imaging)

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