Definition: „Genomics“ describes the systematic investigation of the whole DNA sequence (genome) in the organisms.

A Genomics Platform provides access to state-of-the-art methods in genomic technologies. These enable monitoring of gene expression (including mRNA, miRNA, non coding RNA), to discover new genes, to determine genotypes and/or to analyze results of protein-DNA and DNA-DNA interactions at the scale of whole genomes and with a very high throughput. They provide detailed insight into the cellular processes involved in the regulation of gene expression and global genome organization.   

DKFZ: Melanie Bewerunge-Hudler, Manfred Schmidt, Stefan Wiemann, Stephan Wolf
DZNE: Stefan Bonn, André Fischer, Thomas Gasser
HMGU: Jerzy Adamski, Thomas Meitinger, Annette Peters, Tim Strom
HZI/TWINCORE: Robert Geffers, Carlos Alberto Guzmann, Jochen Hühn, Frank Pessler
MDC: Wei Chen, Stefan Kempa
UFZ: Irina Lehmann

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