Definition: Serology is a branch of immunology that deals with the antigen-antibody reactions in blood serum. In clinical parlance, the term usually refers to the in vitro detection of antibodies. "Serolomics" refers to the variety of antibody analysis in the organisms.

DKFZ, jointly with HZI, will provide a serolomics platform, allowing the assessment of individual’s past and current infectious exposures (the “serologic fingerprint”) as a personal disease risk determinant. The application of already established serolomics to samples from e.g. EPIC and KORA FF4 will take place. Moreover, the establishment and broaden of high-throughput laboratory methods for serolomic, e.g. oral, periodontic and gut microflora antigens are envisaged.

DKFZ: Michael Pawlita, Tim Waterboer
DZNE: Monique Breteler

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