Definition: „Interactomics“ describe the study of the interactions between the proteins and other components in a human body cell.

The MDC (Berlin) has set-up a high-throughput yeast-two hybrid (Y2H) screening platform for the systematic identification of human binary interactions. The platform uses picking and spotting robots for the automated transfer of yeast clones onto agar plates. In addition, imaging tools were established for the systematic detection and analysis of yeast clones harboring interaction pairs. For the screening of interaction partners a library with ~17,000 full-length human ORFs is available. This technology has the potential to routinely test ~1,000,000 interaction pairs per month. In addition, an automated LUMIER- based interaction screening assay in mammalian cells was established for the validation of protein interactions. This assay platform allows the detection of binary interactions by co-immunoprecipiation in HEK293 cells. The platform enables large-scale identification, characterization and modulation of human protein-protein interactions for personalized medicine.   

MDC: Erich Wanker

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