About iMed

iMed is a unique program, which brings together six Helmholtz centers - DKFZ (Heidelberg), DZNE (Bonn, Göttingen, Tübingen), HMGU (Munich), HZI (Braunschweig), MDC (Berlin-Buch) and UFZ (Leipzig) - in the health research area and shall interlink and manage their research activities in the rapidly emerging field of personalized medicine. Joint activities focus on molecular diagnostics, risk stratification and primary prevention, individualized therapy and secondary prevention and outcomes in cancer, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system and infectious and lung diseases. All centers closely collaborate with clinical partners and translational centers in Germany, Europe and abroad.

All centers have important partnerships in place with institutions in Germany, Europe and beyond. The long existing collaborations with local partners, such as university hospitals and translational centers, enable a rapid transfer of research results into the clinical practice in favor of the patients.

iMed will significantly contribute to the establishment of a national platform for personalized medicine, which will be open for the contribution from additional partner institutions in the future. Within the frame of iMed, new established activities will serve as the basis for future projects for the rapid transfer of research results into the clinical practice and for the development of new, individualized therapy and diagnostics.

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