Name of the cohort: ColoCare

Available information on the Internet. 

Category of the cohort: Mature and Novel Patient Cohort.

Kind of biomaterials available in the cohorts, i.e. data collected in the cohorts: Fresh frozen tissue (tumor, mucosa, avisceral and subcutaneous adipose and fascia tisse), FFPE of all the tissues above; presurgery blood, stool, urine, saliva.

Data collection includes: Gene expression and methylation analysis in the different tissues collected, sequencing analysis of tumor DNA, miRNA analysis of tissue and blood plasma samples. Vitamin D level and VEGF in blood biospecimens. Patients are included in physical activity assessments with questionnaires and state of the art accelerometers and physical fitness tests. The volumes of different fat tissues of CRC patients are measured in representative sections of CT scans and correlated. Collagen subtype analysis related to incisional hernias will be studied on the collected fascia tissue. Blood samples are exposed to a novel proteome screen. Stool samples undergo metagenomic sequencing for a gut microbiome analysis. Metabolomics is performed in all biospecimens and 8-oxo-dG and Isoprostane levels are assessed in urine. Inflammation markers and the effect of NSAIDs on CRC outcomes are compared with tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in tumor tissue. All measures except for tissue data are performed at several timepoints during follow-up.

Application process to access the biomaterials: For the samples located in Heidelberg: application for scientific collaboration to be sent to Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Brenner.

Cohorts’ data, which can be already used within iMed: Data on SNPs, tumor, mucosa and adipose tissue, gene expression,  Methylation, Metabolomics, Stool Metagenomics, miRNA and VitD in blood samples, 8-oxo-dG and Isoprostane levels are assessed in urine, clinical data, life style (nutrtion, exercise, smoking, alcohol, medication, supplements) and quality of life data.

Contact persons: Dr. Petra Schrotz-King and Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Brenner (DKFZ Heidelberg).

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