Name of the cohort: BLITZ

Official homepage of the study.

Basic characteristics of the study: The aim of the BliTz-study (Begleitende Evaluierung innovativer Testverfahren zur Darmkrebs-Früherkennung) is to evaluate new stool-based screening methods fo the early detection of colorectal neoplasia. The screening-colonoscopy, which has been introduced in Germany in October 2002 provdes a suitable platform for the study. Stool samples of approx. 3000 persons will be collected before colonoscopy. In addition, blood samples will be collected to evaluate biomarkers for early detection of colorectal cancer. The new stool- and blood-based screening methods will then be compared to colonoscopy, the gold-standard method of early detection of colorectal cancer.

Category of the cohort: Screening cohort

Kind of biomaterials available in the cohorts, i.e. data collected in the cohorts: Stool and blood.

Application process to access the biomaterials: application for scientific collaboration to BLITZ.

Cohorts’ data, which can be already used within iMed: Data on biomarkers, screening, risk factors, and colonoscopy findings.

Contact person for the cohort: Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Brenner (DKFZ Heidelberg).

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