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Our ongoing and planned research work is summarized in the current DKFZ brochure "Cancer Research at DKFZ 2016" - follow "more" underneath the picture to read our page [download entire CRAD 2016]

For a more detailed description and the results of our current and past research work please refer to the Publication lists via the left-hand side navigation bar.

> Project "The cell–cell junctions of mammalian testes"

> Past Event: 9.-11. Sept. 2011: Second International Helmholtz Workshop 'Heidelberg Heart II': Cell and Molecular Biology of the Adhering Junctions and their Functions in the Heart

> Applications for internships, Master or PhD projects

Please note that we can no longer accept applications for internships or from prospective PhD students. If you are generally interested to do your PhD at the DKFZ please visit the website of the Helmholtz International Graduate School for Cancer Research where you will find detailed information and the conditions for application.

PhD Program of the German Cancer Research Center

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