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Network Mentoring Program

Jump-start your career

The German Cancer Research Center and the Faculty of Medicine Heidelberg have designed a joint and unique program for highly qualified female scientists and female doctors in medicine and related life sciences to prepare them for leading positions in science and medicine and to support them in achieving their career goals.

Female doctors and scientists of the Medical Faculty Heidelberg and the German Cancer Research Center, who aim at assuming a leading position in the biomedical academic field, can apply prior to or after their habilitation. Five applicants from both institutions will be admitted in the program for up to 2 years.

The male/female mentors, male/female professors of the Faculty of Medicine Heidelberg and the DKFZ, are in regular contact with their mentees. They give advice in career planning, give tips on how to proceed, they know what is important with respect to professional negotiations or what kind of competition will boost your career, are familiar with a university and non-university environment, and provide a suitable person of contact.

The new program is unique as it links a university to a non-university institution through “cross-mentoring”. This program facilitates the often necessary change for women on their way to the top.

In addition to the intensive interaction with the mentor, the female participants take part in a professional leadership training consisting of different modules. They will learn result-oriented executive and communicative behavior, how to optimally use their personal strengths, how to advance their career, and learn the basics of how to successfully negotiate in the professional field. At the same time they are afforded an opportunity to form a reliable network.

The first mentees successfully finished the program in July 2013. A new network mentoring program is scheduled for 2014.

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A personalized mentoring program at the DKFZ: this is exactly what you need

The personalized mentoring program is dedicated to female and male employees at the DKFZ, who do not want to or cannot use an external mentoring program. In essence, the program consists of two components:  an individualized program for further educational training, on the one hand, and the relationship between mentee and mentor, on the other hand. With the support of Ms. Kunz (Dept. Advanced Training), the obligatory accompanying seminars and measures/steps are individually tailored for the mentee following initial consultation.  This way, redundant schooling of already acquired skills is avoided, and while using all resources an optimal individual advancement can be achieved.

The advantage of this program is its flexibility with regard to its target group (e.g., colleagues from science and scientific fields, young scientists and executives) and the specific choice of its accompanying courses.

Duration: 1 year

Target group: All female and male DKFZ employees, admission without limitation. Choice of mentors: The mentees themselves choose their mentor, whereby the Equal Opportunities Representative will be happy to advise the mentee in her/his choice and to initiate first contacts.

Contact: Dr. Karin Greulich-Bode, Equal Opportunities Representative, or Ms. Martina Kunz, Dept. Advanced Training

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