Mentoring and advancement programs of the Helmholtz Association

Mentoring and advancement programs of the Helmholtz Association

“Taking the lead” Helmholtz mentoring program for young female scientists

This program is designed for motivated female employees in science and administration at the Helmholtz Centers. The objective of this personnel development measure is to prepare women in scientific and administrative fields to take on more demanding jobs and management responsibilities, and to expand, in the long run, their networking within and beyond the Helmholtz Association. 

Helmholtz Management Academy

The Academy’s program is designed to train excellent young scientists and young employees in the administrative and infrastructural fields, on the one hand, and executives, on the other hand.  

W2/W3 Program

Within the framework of the Pact for Research and Innovation, the Helmholtz Association undertakes great efforts to recruit outstanding female scientists for top-level positions.

With the W2/W3 program for excellent female scientists at least five W2/W3 positions per year can be created by funds of the Initiative and Networking Fund.

Helmholtz Postdoc Program

Talented young female and male scientists who have completed a promising doctoral thesis can take advantage of this program designed to help them further develop their scientific excellence effectively. They will receive a grant for a period of two to three years directly after earning their PhD, enabling them to keep working independently on a research topic of their own choosing and establish themselves in their field of research, e.g., by publishing on the topic. To promote equal opportunities, it is intended to grant at least 50 percent of the positions in the program to women.

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