Mentoring Programs


The term 'mentoring' originates from the Greek mythology and means 'to attend', and 'to support'. Mentoring describes an experienced person's (mentor’s) efforts to share her/his knowledge in order to support a younger, less experienced person (mentee) in her/his personal and professional development. Formally, the concept of mentoring is supposed to dispense with the traditional senior-subordinate relationship.

The objectives of this program are:

  • To learn about the informal and implicit rules of each field
  • To gain access to existing networks
  • To receive practical advice and tips in order to attain professional goals
  • To recognize and promote leadership skills
  • To qualify for taking on a leadership position in order to achieve long-term career objectives.

Target groups:

Female postdoctoral candidates who pursue an academic career and who are working on their habilitation.

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