External Advanced Educational Programs

The Ministry of Finance and Economy Baden-Württemberg:

Career Advancement Program for Young Scientists

Within the framework of the state-sponsored initiative “Women with MINT-jobs in Economy, Science, and Research”, the Ministry of Finance and Economy has further developed the program and introduced the program “Career and Networking Program for Young Scientists in Non-University and Industry-Oriented Research”. With this project the Ministry of Finance and Economy wants to establish a networking program for women from various fields in industry and non-university research and development in Baden-Württemberg, and to give practical tips on how to advance their careers.

Junior Professional Management – Program (JPM)

For female scientists and science managers with budget and personnel duties and responsibilities from academia, non-university research institutions, strategic research, funding and intermediary organizations, as well as government.

Training courses for male and female science managers

For employees from universities, research institutions and funding organizations who have 1-3 years of relevant experience in science management, and who want to systematically broaden their knowledge in this field. These courses are geared towards employees from government, non-profit foundations, project sponsorships, and strategic research institutions. Target groups are, for example, female and male employees in administration, management, special branches and consultancy.

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