Audit Career and Family


In 2012 the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) has been awarded the certificate "Audit Career and Family" (Audit Beruf und Familie) once again. The non-profit limited company berufundfamilie, which was founded by the Hertie Foundation, awards this certificate to employers who pursue a particularly lasting family-friendly personnel policy.

"This certificate means award and obligation to us at the same time," explained the Head of the Managing Board of the German Cancer Research Center, Professor Otmar D. Wiestler on the occasion of receiving the award. "Nowadays family and professional development are equally part of a fulfilled life for both, men and women. To reconcile these two aspects is a major challenge in which we wish to support our employees. We are aware of the fact that we have to continuously direct our efforts towards suitable general conditions to achieve this goal. The audit confirmed once again that we are on the right track."

The audit procedure "Career and Family" is laid out as a process of many years and besides the annual reporting it involves a re-audit after three years to examine to what extent the self-defined goals have been achieved.

In 2005 and 2009 the German Cancer Research Center already faced the audit successfully. Simultaneous with the certificate awards, a catalogue of objectives had been formulated with the aid of which the personnel policy of the DKFZ should be designed even more family-friendly and, furthermore, the entry for women in executive positions should be much easier.

A lot has been achieved so far: more flexible work time models have been developed, a great number of teleworking jobs have been created, the offer for childcare has constantly been expanded, a parent-child room has been set up and the professional perspectives for female scientists have been improved by the means of mentoring programs, for example. In order to improve the compatibility of care and profession, workshops and information events on this topic are offered to all employees of the DKFZ.

Despite these successes that have already been achieved, the German Cancer Research Center will continue to consequently advertise more family awareness and will work to ensure that the needs of their employees with children or relatives requiring nursing care will be taken into consideration to an ever greater extent.

The next re-audit is scheduled for 2015.

Dr. Karin Greulich-Bode (1st row, right) at the award ceremony “Career and Family” in Berlin

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