Tumorvirus-specific Vaccination Strategies

Re-engineering nano particle HPV prophylactic vaccine based on minor capsid protein L2

Fan Yang, PhD student


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predicted surface exposure of the HPV L2-peptides on thioredoxin
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The N-terminus of the HPV minor capsid protein L2 contains several epitopes which are able to elicit neutralizing antibodies with the ability of cross protect against different types of HPVs. In order to improve the immunogenicity of L2 based vaccine, we employed the Pyrococcus furiosus thioredoxin (PfTrx) as platform.

Electron micrographs of nanoparticles produced in insect cells
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The immunogenic activity of NP-associated antigens was improved compared to free individual antigens because NPs can deliver many antigens owing to their enhanced surface to volume ratio and are easily taken up by DCs. The objective of this project is to determine whether the immunogenicity of Trx-L2 antigens can be further improved by their presentation on nanoparticles (NP) such as encapsulin and ferritin. We synthesize the antigens which the L2 epitopes of HPVs display on the nanoparticle surface in order to improve the immunogenicity.  

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