High-Throughput Pseudovirion-Based Neutralization Assay (HT-PBNA)

In cooperation with Dr. Peter Sehr (Chemical Biology Core Facility, EMBL in Heidelberg) and Prof. Dr. Martin Müller (Tumorvirus-specific Vaccination Strategies, DKFZ)



  1. Concordance assessment between a multiplexed competitive Luminex immunoassay, a multiplexed IgG Luminex immunoassay, and a pseudovirion-based neutralization assay for detection of human papillomaviruses types 16 and 18.Brown D, Müller M, Sehr P, Pawlita M, Seitz H, Rubio I, Antonello J, Radley D, Roberts C, Saah A. (2014) Vaccine. 7; 5880-5887
  2. High-Throughput Pseudovirion-Based Neutralization Assay for Analysis of Natural and Vaccine-Induced Antibodies against Human Papillomaviruses. Peter Sehr, Ivonne Rubio, Hanna Seitz, Kerstin Putzker, Lis Ribeiro-Müller, Michael Pawlita, Martin Müller (2013) PLoS ONE 8(10); e75677. doi;10.1371.journal.pone.0075677

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