Selected Publications (2012-2017)

  1. Geletneky, K., Huesing, J., Rommelaere, J., Schlehofer, J.R., Dahm, M., Krebs, O., von Knebel     Doeberitz, M., Huber, B. and Hajda, J. (2012). Phase I/IIa study of intratumoral/intracerebral or intravenous/intracerebral administration of parvovirus H-1 (ParvOryx) in patients with progressive primary or recurrent glioblastoma multiforme: ParvOryx01 protocol. BMC Cancer, 12:99.
  2. Grekova, S.P., Raykov, Z., Zawatzky, R., Rommelaere, J. and Koch, U. (2012). Activation of a glioma-specific immune response by oncolytic minute virus of mice infection. Cancer Gene Ther, 19:468-475.
  3. Raykov, Z., Grekova, S., Hörlein, R., Leuchs, B., Giese, T., Giese, N.A., Rommelaere, J., Zawatzky, R., Daeffler, L. (2013). TLR-9 contributes to the antiviral innate immune sensing of rodent parvoviruses MVMp and H-1PV by normal human immune cells. PLOS ONE, 8:e55086.
  4. Bhat, R. and Rommelaere, J. (2013). NK cell-dependent killing of colon carcinoma cells is mediated by natural cytotoxicity receptors (NCRs) and stimulated by an oncolytic virus. BMC Cancer, 13:367.
  5. Angelova, A., Grekova, S., Heller, A., Kuhlmann, O., Soyka, E., Giese, T., Aprahamian, M., Bour, G., Rüffer, S., Cziepluch, C., Daeffler, L., Rommelaere, J., Werner, J., Raykov, Z. and Giese, N. (2014). Complementary induction of immunogenic cell death by oncolytic parvovirus H-1PV and gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer. J Virol, 88:5263-5276.
  6. Grekova, S.P., Aprahamian, M., Giese, N.A., Bour, G., Giese, T., Grewenig, A., Leuchs, B., Hörlein, R., Heller, A., Angelova, A.L., Rommelaere, J., Raykov, Z. (2014). Genomic CpG enrichment of oncolytic parvoviruses as a potent anticancer vaccination strategy for the treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, 5:227.
  7. Geletneky, K., Nüesch, J.P., Angelova, A., Kiprianova, I. and Rommelaere, J. (2015). Double-faceted mechanism of parvoviral oncosuppression. Curr Opin Virol, 13:17.
  8. Geletneky, K., Leoni, A.L., Pohlmeyer-Esch, G., Loebhard, S., Leuchs, B., Hoefer, C., Johims, K., Dahm, M., Huber, B., Rommelaere, J., Krebs, O. and Hajda, J. (2015). Bioavailability, biodistribution, and CNS toxicity of clinical grade parvovirus H1 after intravenous and intracerebral injection in rats. Comparative Medicine, 65:36-45.
  9. Geletneky, K., Leoni, A.L., Pohlmeyer-Esch, G., Loebhard, S., Baetz, A., Leuchs, B., Roscher, M., Hoefer, C., Johims, K., Dahm, M., Huber, B., Rommelaere, J., Krebs, O. and Hajda, J. (2015). Pathology, organ distribution, and immune response after single and repeated intravenous injection of rats with clinical grade parvovirus H1. Comparative Medicine, 65:23-35.
  10. Vassaux, G., Angelova, A., Baril, P., Midoux, P., Rommelaere, J. and Cordelier, P. (2016). The promise of gene therapy for pancreatic cancer. Hum Gene Ther, 27:127-133.
  11. Heller, A., Angelova, A.L., Bauer, S., Grekova, S.P., Aprahamian, M., Rommelaere, J., Volkmar, M., Janssen, J.W., Bauer, N., Herr, I., Giese, T., Gaida, M.M., Bergmann, F., Hackert, T., Fritz, S. and Giese, N.A. (2016). Establishment and characterization of a novel cell line, ASAN-PaCa, derived from human adenocarcinoma arising in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas. Pancreas, 45:1452-1460.
  12. Nettelbeck, D., Ungerechts, G., Bussow, S., Leuchs, B., Holm, P.S., Rommelaere, J., Coffey, M., Coffin, R., Bell, J. (2016). Moving oncolytic viruses into the clinic – clinical grade production, purification and characterization of diverse oncolytic viruses. Mol Ther-Methods&Clinical Development, 3:16018.
  13. Geletneky, K., Hajda, J., Angelova, A.L., Leuchs, B., Capper, D., Bartsch, A.J., Neumann, J.O., Schöning, T., Hüsing, J., Beelte, B., Kiprianova, I., Roscher, M., Bhat, R., von Deimling, A., Brück, W., Just, A., Frehtman, V., Löbhard, S., terletskaia-Ladwig, E., Fry, J., Jochims, K., Daniel, V., Krebs, O., Dahm, M., Huber, B., Unterberg, A., Rommelaere, J. (2017). Oncolytic H-1 parvovirus shows safety and signs of immunogenic activity in a first phase I/IIa glioblastoma trial. Mol Ther, 25, in press.
  14. Hajda, J., Lehmann, M.; Krebs, O., Kieser, M., Geletneky, K., Jäger, D., Dahm, M., Huber, B., Schöning, T., Sedlaczek, O., Stenzinger, A., Halama, N., Volker, D., Leuchs, B., Angelova, A., Rommelaere, J., Engeland, C.E., Springfeld, C., Ungerechts, G. (2017). A non-controlled, single arm, open label, phase II study of intravenous and intratumoral administration of ParvOryx in patients with metastatic, inoperable pancreatic cancer: ParvOryx02 protocol. BMC Cancer, 17:576.
  15. Angelova, A.L., Witzens-Harig, M., Galabov, A.S., Rommelaere, J. (2017). The oncolytic virotherapy era in cancer management: prospects of applying H-1 parvovirus to treat blood and solid cancers. Front Oncol, 7:93.
  16. Ungerechts, G., Engeland, C., Buchholz, C., Eberle, J., Fechner, H., Geletneky, K., Holm, P., Kreppel, F., Kühnel, F., Lang, K., Leber, M., Marchini, A., Moehler, M., Mühlenbach, M., Rommelaere, J., Springfeld, C., Lauer, U., Nettelbeck, D. (2017). Virotherapy research in Germany – from engineering to translation. Hum Gene Ther, 28:800-819.

            … and 8 granted patents

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