What is Pizza & Talk?

Every couple of months, PhD students meet and present their work for each other, eat Pizza, enjoy a few beers and have fruitful discussions.

When is the next Pizza & Talk date?

On the 24th of February during the selection of new Phd students. Next dates will be communicated by email via the dip-doc server.

What can you expect?

The Pizza&Talk seminar is an informal seminar where you can present your latest research results. We are also open to other topics such as problems concerning your PhD thesis or perhaps a new method you would like to share! The presentations are understandable to everybody regardless to their field of research. Each Pizza&Talk event consists of two short talks (15-20 min each) with an open discussion after each talk which continues over pizza and beer! For further references, a list with the names of all speakers and their topics will soon be available here.

Why should YOU give a presentation and attend?

Each speaker will be credited with 0.5 credit points for the PhD program. Besides, you will have the chance to exchange some ideas with other students due to open, friendly and relaxed discussions.
Those who attend 5 Pizza & Talk events will receive 1 credit point.

The Pizza & Talk team members are:

  • Andrés Florez
  • Christina Lehrer
  • Devina Mitra
  • Elena Bausch
  • Erik Dyrcz
  • Elias Eckert
  • Hafzan Nur
  • Olga Bogatyrova
  • Steffen Paar
  • Tobias Speck

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