Being a Ph.D. student means a lot of hard work, but it's not all about that. It is also … YES - that's right: PARTEYYYYY.
We're the next generation of the crazy guys at the DKFZ, counting on the biggest party animals in & around Heidelberg and together we'll make sure that we will remember our parties for ages ;) We wanna have fun and we want YOU to share the awesome time with us, too: dancing, dancing, dancing, and this way making the party night unforgettable. When you leave next morning you’ll crave to repeat it again, soon.

Besides having loads of fun and a couple of drinks you are also going to have the chance to meet people from all the other groups of the DKFZ in a relaxed atmosphere (actually scientific discussions will be strictly prohibited).

We plan to organize two parties each year for all Ph.D. and diploma students at the DKFZ. (Sorry for not organizing more, life is not just about partying.) Since it means a lot of work to organize a party, volunteers to participate in handing out drinks, decorating and cleaning up are most welcome! We are also waiting for your creative ideas and suggestions that could improve those times together!

We are all looking forward to meeting you and having legendary times out with YOU!

See you at the party!
Your PartyTeam ;)

Members of the Party Team

  • Alia Abukiwan
  • Avni Baser
  • Andrés Florez
  • Alexander Jethwa
  • Devina Mitra (responsible Council member)
  • Eric Dyrcz
  • Eva-Maria Ewen
  • Elias Eckert (responsible Council member)
  • Josef Johannes Auburger
  • Julia Butt
  • Julia Pipo
  • Jonathan Heiss
  • Kwang Lee
  • Lisa Pfitzer
  • Malwina Michalak
  • Nathalie Bauer
  • Pablo Bellvis
  • Peer Wünsche
  • Sushma Nayak
  • Sebastian Wirkert
  • Tobias Speck (responsible Council member)


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