The Communication Team

Although rumors say 'Silence is golden' communication, sharing information and networking are key features for successful scientists.

The communication team promotes these aspects by:

  • building up and administrate the PhD subcommunity at ResearchGate, the real interactive network for current and former PhD students at the DKFZ. If you want to become a member, please contact us!
  • working together with the Graduate School and the Career Management
  • establishing and maintining contacts to other institutes (e.g. EMBL, MPI, HBIGS, University,...) and associations (e.g. PostDoc network, btS,...) in Heidelberg
  • co-organising seminars, workshops, events with others
  • developing and analyzing the PhD students survey
  • enhancing the means of communication and interaction between PhD students at the DKFZ
  • promoting the social activities organized by the PhD Council (for example in the Facebook group)
  • being creative, open-minded and communicative
The team originated from the Homepage. Therefore, one or two members of the team take care of the Students Portal and the team mailing lists.

Your main tasks are collecting and providing information, talking with different people (esp. the Graduate School) and developing new ideas with others to strengthen in-house and external networks. The tasks are not strictly set, everything is possible. You can find the latest news in our subcommunity!

We continuously look for new team members. Do you think that one of the above points is something you are good in and you would like to take part?
Just mail us.

We are

  • Mahak Singhal
  • Danja Sarink

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