The Conference Team


The HFYLS Conference team 2015.

The Conference Team is organizing the Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists, an international, inter-institutional and interdisciplinary symposium held at the DKFZ in Heidelberg and consists of PhD students from the following research institutes in Heidelberg:



The aim of the Forum is to facilitate communication among the students of the different research institutes and to provide a platform for the interaction between young researchers and leading scientists worldwide. Since each research institute in Heidelberg focuses on distinct aspects of life science, the Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists aims to provide a forum where professionals with diverse backgrounds can come together to discuss and exchange new ideas and to build contact networks.

The fifth edition of the Forum, entitled - A Tale of Cells & Organisms - will take place at the DKFZ Communication Center in Heidelberg, Germany on June 8th and 9th 2017. Beside lectures given by prominent keynote speakers and young group leaders from all over the world, the program will provide PhD students with the chance to present their own research. Furthermore, the program will include workshops presenting cutting-edge research tools as well as get-together events as an opportunity to communicate with the speakers and the other participants.

For details please visit the Official website of the Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists.

Team Members

Aishwarya Iyer                Giulia Arico                             Patricia Himmels
Alia Abukiwan                  Ioana Goganau                     Robert Luck
Ana Gomes Barata           Janine Reinert                       Severino Urban
Anne Rademacher            Joana Matos das Neves        Silvia La Porta
Antonino Montalbano       Julia Bitzer                             Simone Li
Chiara Giacomelli              Kaiyong Li                             Tiia Kittilae
Christian Seybold             Laureen Sander                    Zeynep  Kosaloglu
Clifford Nwaeburu            Leonie Ratz                           Yvonne Affram
Corinna Schaffroth           Luis Castillo                           Catarina Luis
Delia Braun                      Melanie Weiss                        Sara Laudato
Evgeniya Denisova          Nina Dräger                            Claudia Savini

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