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Project DataBox: Medical Data at ONE Glance

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DataBox gives you, as a physician, a quick and complete overview of the medical data of each of your patients. As a consequence, you have more time for treatment and the physician-patient talk. When it comes to current courses of disease, further diagnoses or treatment steps, information on earlier examinations, laboratory findings, medications and treatments stored within the DataBox can be of use for you. Important patient observations made in everyday life, e. g. after lifestyle changes or regarding side effects of certain medicines can be documented within the DataBox and are available during the physician-patient talk. This additional information enables you to detect intolerances much faster and prevent duplicate examinations. 

The big advantage of DataBox is that there is no need to adjust the platform to the software used in your medical office or clinic. So far, many approaches have failed due to lack of interoperability between diverse systems. DataBox, by contrast, accepts diverse systems and formats, and provides network-independent and secure solutions. First of all, the platform needs to be filled with diverse document types by using a simple upload feature. To make specific searches or scientific analyses possible, the uploaded documents are then structured by documentarists.

Our project partners SAP and Siemens Healthineers have profound experience in data storage. The high security standards of the used systems are being certified comprehensively and on a regular basis. The DataBox-specific authorization and data protection concept make sure that only authorized persons can access patient data. However, Databox is just a tool; it does not substitute you and your expertise as physician. 

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