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Project DataBox: YOUR Electronic Health Record

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Thanks to DataBox, it is easy to keep an eye on your medical data. Losing or forgetting data now belongs to the past. Your data is electronically stored at one place and can easily be accessed. If requested, all documents including laboratory results, medical reports and radiographs can directly be uploaded onto the platform. This leads to the prevention of duplicate examinations, an earlier detection of risks of drug interactions as well as a quicker implementation of individual therapy recommendations. Being a well-informed patient brings you on a par with the treating physicians. 

Your medical documents contain extremely sensitive and personal data. That is why DataBox wants you to hold all rights to this information. It is your decision alone what shall happen with your data and who you want to share it with. You can use this option according to your individual wishes and needs. If you are interested in participating in research projects or studies, you will be informed on suitable options.  If you agree to data sharing, physicians can use the structured information of your data to draw conclusions about treatment options more quickly. As a consequence, the clinical courses of disease – either of individual patients or of patient groups – can significantly be improved.  That way, each patient can contribute to the general welfare, but also benefit from the research findings based on the cohort’s data. 

DataBox is available as browser-based app and can be used free of charge. The platform is certified according to German and European security standards. Thanks to DataBox, your data does not get lost anymore if you switch between inpatient and outpatient care, obtain a second opinion, or need to see another physician for reasons of relocation. DataBox helps in strengthening your patient autonomy for sure.

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