Preliminary Program

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Introductory Lecture: Ernest Hawk, Texas, United States

Primary Prevention: Risk factor research aiming for practical interventions

  • Jack Cuzick, London, Great Britain
  • Xifeng Wu, Texas, United States
  • Augustin Scalbert, Lyon, France
  • Renée Turzanski-Fortner, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Judy E. Garber, Boston, United States
  • Karoline Kuchenbäcker, Cambridge, Great Britain
  • Mahdi Fallah, Heidelberg, Germany

Secondary Prevention: Pushing the limits by earlier detection

  • Stephen Chanock, Bethesda, United States
  • Johanna Schleutker, Turku, Finland
  • Nicolas Wentzensen, Bethesda, United States
  • Michael Hoffmeister, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Ajay Goel, Dallas, United States
  • Guillermo Barreto, Bad Nauheim, Germany
  • David Bonekamp, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Charles Swanton, London, Great Britain

Tertiary Prevention: Improving life with cancer

  • Hermann Brenner, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Marjanka Schmidt, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Jenny Chang-Claude, Heidelberg, German

Perspectives Lecture: Peter Boyle, Lyon, France

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