Selected Resent Publications

A100 Signal Transduction and Growth Control - Signaltransduktion/Wachstumskontrolle & A102 Molecular Mechanisms of Head and Neck Tumors - Molekulare Grundlagen von HNO-Tumoren

Pusterla T, Nemeth J, Stein I, Wiechert L, Knigin D, Marhenke S, Longerich T, Kumar V, Arnold B, Vogel A, Bierhaus A, Pikarsky E, Hess J, Angel P. Receptor for advanced glycation endproducts (RAGE) is a key regulator of oval cell activation and inflammation-associated liver carcinogenesis in mice. Hepatology. 2013; 58: 363-73.

 A170 Molecular Metabolic Control - Molekulare Stoffwechselkontrolle

Ostertag A, Jones A, Rose AJ, Liebert M, Kleinsorg S, Reimann A, Vegiopoulos A, Berriel Diaz M, Strzoda D, Yamamoto M, Satoh T, Akira S, Herzig S. Control of adipose tissue inflammation through TRB1. Diabetes. 2010; 59: 1991-2000.

A190 Vascular Oncology and Metastasis - Vaskuläre Onkologie und Metastasierung

Helfrich I, Edler L, Sucker A, Thomas M, Christian S, Schadendorf D, Augustin HG. Angiopoietin-2 levels are associated with disease progression in metastatic malignant melanoma. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. 2009; 15: 1384-92.

B060 Molecular Genetics - Molekulare Genetik

Schulz A, Durr C, Zenz T, Dohner H, Stilgenbauer S, Lichter P, Seiffert M. Lenalidomide reduces survival of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells in primary cocultures by altering the myeloid microenvironment. Blood. 2013; 121: 2503-11

B070 Functional Genome Analysis - Funktionelle Genomanalyse

Alhamdani MS, Youns M, Buchholz M, Gress TM, Beckers MC, Marechal D, Bauer A, Schroder C, Hoheisel JD.Immunoassay-based proteome profiling of 24 pancreatic cancer cell lines. Journal of proteomics. 2012; 75: 3747-59.

C010 Epigenomics and Cancer Risk Factors - Epigenomik und Krebsrisikofaktoren

Popanda O, Seibold P, Nikolov I, Oakes CC, Burwinkel B, Hausmann S, Flesch-Janys D, Plass C, Chang-Claude J, Schmezer P. Germline variants of base excision repair genes and breast cancer: A polymorphism in DNA polymerase gamma modifies gene expression and breast cancer risk. International journal of cancer Journal international du cancer. 2013; 132: 55-62

C020 Cancer Epidemiology - Epidemiologie von Krebserkrankungen

Buck K, Hug S, Seibold P, Ferschke I, Altevogt P, Sohn C, Schneeweiss A, Burwinkel B, Jager D, Flesch-Janys D, Chang-Claude J, Marme F. CD24 polymorphisms in breast cancer: impact on prognosis and risk. Breast cancer research and treatment. 2013; 137: 927-37.

C030 Environmental Epidemiology - Umwelt-Epidemiologie

Potthoff K, Schmidt ME, Wiskemann J, Hof H, Klassen O, Habermann N, Beckhove P, Debus J, Ulrich CM, Steindorf K. Randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effects of progressive resistance training compared to progressive muscle relaxation in breast cancer patients undergoing adjuvant radiotherapy: the BEST study. BMC cancer. 2013; 13: 162

D015 Translational Immunology - Translationale Immunologie

Witzens-Harig M, Hose D, Junger S, Pfirschke C, Khandelwal N, Umansky L, Seckinger A, Conrad H, Brackertz B, Reme T, Gueckel B, Meissner T, Hundemer M, Ho AD, Rossi JF, Neben K, Bernhard H, Goldschmidt H, Klein B, Beckhove P. Tumor cells in multiple myeloma patients inhibit myeloma-reactive T cells through carcinoembryonic-antigen-related cell adhesion molecule-6. Blood. 2013.

D030 Immunogenetics – Immungenetik

Lohoff M, Giaisi M, Kohler R, Casper B, Krammer PH, Li-Weber M. Early growth response protein-1 (Egr-1) is preferentially expressed in T helper type 2 (Th2) cells and is involved in acute transcription of the Th2 cytokine interleukin-4. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2010; 285: 1643-52

D050 Molecular Immunology - Molekulare Immunologie

Papatriantafyllou M, Moldenhauer G, Ludwig J, Tafuri A, Garbi N, Hollmann G, Kublbeck G, Klevenz A, Schmitt S, Pougialis G, Niehrs C, Grone HJ, Hammerling GJ, Arnold B, Oelert T. Dickkopf-3, an immune modulator in peripheral CD8 T-cell tolerance. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2012; 109: 1631-6

D080 Innate Immunity - Angeborene Immunität

Fiegler N, Textor S, Arnold A, Rolle A, Oehme I, Breuhahn K, Moldenhauer G, Witzens-Harig M, Cerwenka A. Downregulation of the activating NKp30 ligand B7-H6 by HDAC inhibitors impairs tumor cell recognition by NK cells. Blood. 2013; 122: 684-93.

D090 Developmental Immunology  - Entwicklungsimmunologie

Pinto S, Schmidt K, Egle S, Stark HJ, Boukamp P, Kyewski B. An organotypic coculture model supporting proliferation and differentiation of medullary thymic epithelial cells and promiscuous gene expression. J Immunol. 2013; 190: 1085-93

D100 Immune Tolerance – Immuntoleranz

Hettinger J, Richards DM, Hansson J, Barra MM, Joschko AC, Krijgsveld J, Feuerer M. Origin of monocytes and macrophages in a committed progenitor. Nature immunology. 2013; 14: 821-30.

E010 Radiology – Radiologie

Uhrig M, Hassel JC, Schlemmer HP, Ganten MK.Therapy response assessment in metastatic melanoma patients treated with a BRAF inhibitor: adapted Choi criteria can reflect early therapy response better than does RECIST. Academic radiology. 2013; 20: 423-9.

E055 Radiation Oncology – Strahlentherapie

Flechsig P, Dadrich M, Bickelhaupt S, Jenne J, Hauser K, Timke C, Peschke P, Hahn EW, Grone HJ, Yingling J, Lahn M, Wirkner U, Huber PE. LY2109761 attenuates radiation-induced pulmonary murine fibrosis via reversal of TGF-beta and BMP-associated proinflammatory and proangiogenic signals. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. 2012; 18: 3616-27.

F010 Tumor Virology – Tumorvirologie

Bhat R, Rommelaere J. NK-cell-dependent killing of colon carcinoma cells is mediated by natural cytotoxicity receptors (NCRs) and stimulated by parvovirus infection of target cells. BMC cancer. 2013; 13: 367

F020 Genome Modifications and Carcinogenesis - Genomveränderungen und Karzinogenese

Muhle M, Bleiholder A, Kolb S, Hubner J, Lochelt M, Denner J. Immunological properties of the transmembrane envelope protein of the feline foamy virus and its use for serological screening. Virology. 2011; 412: 333-40

F030 Biological activities of Interferons and Interferon-induced genes - Biologische Funktionen von Interferonen und Interferon-induzierten Genen

Lutzner N, De-Castro Arce J, Rosl F. Gene expression of the tumour suppressor LKB1 is mediated by Sp1, NF-Y and FOXO transcription factors. PloS one. 2012; 7: e32590.

F130 Immunotherapy and –prevention - Immuntherapie und –prävention

Riemer AB, Keskin DB, Zhang G, Handley M, Anderson KS, Brusic V, Reinhold B, Reinherz EL. A conserved E7-derived cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitope expressed on human papillomavirus 16-transformed HLA-A2+ epithelial cancers. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2010; 285: 29608-22

G110 Preventive Oncology – Präventive Onkologie

Toriola AT, Cheng TY, Neuhouser ML, Wener MH, Zheng Y, Brown E, Miller JW, Song X, Beresford SA, Gunter MJ, Caudill MA, Ulrich CM. Biomarkers of inflammation are associated with colorectal cancer risk in women but are not suitable as early detection markers. International journal of cancer Journal international du cancer. 2013; 132: 2648-58

G180 Molecular Oncology of Gastrointestinal Tumors - Molekulare Grundlagen Gastrointestinaler Tumoren

Fransen MF, van Stipdonk MJ, Sluijter M, Schoenberger SP, Melief CJ, Offringa R. Separate roles for antigen recognition and lymph node inflammation in CD8+ memory T cell formation. J Immunol. 2010; 185: 3167-73

G300 Dermato-Oncology - Dermato-Onkologie

Sevko A, Michels T, Vrohlings M, Umansky L, Beckhove P, Kato M, Shurin GV, Shurin MR, Umansky V. Antitumor effect of paclitaxel is mediated by inhibition of myeloid-derived suppressor cells and chronic inflammation in the spontaneous melanoma model. J Immunol. 2013; 190: 2464-71

G360 Molecular Oncology of Solid Tumors - Molekulare Onkologie solider Tumoren

Abba M, Patil N, Rasheed K, Nelson LD, Mudduluru G, Leupold JH, Allgayer H. Unraveling the role of FOXQ1 in colorectal cancer metastasis.Molecular cancer research: MCR. 2013.

W420 Tumor Models - Tumormodelle

Loukanov T, Kirilov M, Furstenberger G, Muller-Decker K. Localization of cyclo-oxygenase-2 in human recurrent colorectal cancer. Clinical and investigative medicine Medecine clinique et experimentale. 2010; 33: E22-9

Nationales Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (NCT)

Gnjatic S, Ritter E, Buchler MW, Giese NA, Brors B, Frei C, Murray A, Halama N, Zornig I, Chen YT, Andrews C, Ritter G, Old LJ, Odunsi K, Jager D. Seromic profiling of ovarian and pancreatic cancer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2010; 107: 5088-93

Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg

Sahm F, Oezen I, Opitz CA, Radlwimmer B, von Deimling A, Ahrendt T, Adams S, Bode HB, Guillemin GJ, Wick W, Platten M. The endogenous tryptophan metabolite and NAD+ precursor quinolinic acid confers resistance of gliomas to oxidative stress. Cancer research. 2013; 73: 3225-34

Universitätsklinikum Mannheim

Hillgruber C, Steingraber AK, Poppelmann B, Denis CV, Ware J, Vestweber D, Nieswandt B, Schneider SW, Goerge T. Blocking Von Willebrand Factor for Treatment of Cutaneous Inflammation. The Journal of investigative dermatology. 2013

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