Aims and Duties of the Cancer Inflammation Platform

The Initiative would like to bring scientists of the different research programs of the DKFZ and related local institutions together to obtain a stronger crosstalk which ideally will culminate in cooperation between the different groups. In a second phase the Platform will conceive large collaborative experiments on key questions in the field, using newly designed tumour mouse models which are additionally equipped with exchangeable immune system conditions. To achieve these goals the Platform will organize meetings, build up and maintain a topic specific library and coordinate the interactions between the Platform participants.  


The Cancer Inflammation Platform is funded by the DKFZ for the period 2012 - 2013 with a budget of 100’000€. These funds will be used to support the start of cooperation experiments, to organize meetings and a scientific retreat, and to partially finance a scientific coordinator.

Scientific Coordinator

The scientific coordinator is Dr. Diane Egger-Adam. She takes care of the coordination of joint projects, the weekly newsletter, the organization of meetings and the setup and maintenance of the topic specific library and the home page.

Mouse Platform

The Cancer Inflammation Platform intents to conceive one or a few tumour mouse models that would be able to answer key questions in Cancer Inflammation. Planned are one or a few tumor mouse models that would additionally possess an inducible immune system, so that the different participating groups will be able to answer their specific questions on the basis of common shared models. The mice will be conducted and bred in the central mouse facility of the DKFZ by Dr. K. Müller-Decker.

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