Computer Assisted Medical Interventions

COMBIOSCOPY: Computational biophotonics in endoscopic cancer diagnosis and therapy

Key challenges in endoscopic tumor diagnosis and therapy consist of the detection and discrimination of malignant tissue as well as the precise navigation of medical instruments. Currently, a low level of sensitivity and specificity in tumor detection and lack of global orientation lead to both over- and undertreatment, tumor recurrence, intra-operative complications, and high costs. The goal of this multidisciplinary project is to revolutionize clinical endoscopic imaging based on the systematic integration of two new but independant fields of research up until this point: Biophotonics and computer-assisted interventions (COMputational BIOphotonics in endoSCOPY).

For the first time, quantitative multi-modal imaging biomarkers based on structural and functional data are being developed to enhance the physician’s view by providing information that cannot be seen with the naked eye. To this extent, white light images co-registered with multispectral optical and photoacoustic images will be processed in a combined manner to dynamically reconstruct not only the visible surface in 3D but also subsurface anatomical and functional detail such as 3D vessel topology, blood volume and oxygenation. Spatio-temporal registration of multi-modal data acquired before and during the procedure will enable (1) the highly specific local tissue classification and discrimination based on tissue shape, texture, function and radiological contrast imagery as well as (2) global context-aware instrument guidance.

This innovative approach to radiation-free real-time imaging will be implemented and evaluated by means of computer-assisted colonoscopy and laparoscopy. The potential socioeconomic impact of providing high precision minimally-invasive tumor diagnosis and therapy at low cost is extremely high.

Figure 1. Machine learning - based real-time quantification of tissue oxygenation in laparoscopic surgery.


  • Dr. Anant Vemuri (Scientist)
  • Dr. Thomas Kirchner (Doctoral Student)
  • Franz Sattler (Student Assistant)
  • Dr. Sebastian Wirkert (Doctoral Student)
  • Dominik Waibel (Master's student)
  • Angelika Laha (Master's student)
  • Dr. Sara Moccia (PhD intern)
  • Yan Zhang (Master's student)
  • Justin Iszatt (Bachelor's student)

Key collaborators

  • Dr. Daniel S. Elson and Dr. Neil T. Clancy
    Imperial College London, Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery

  • Dr. Peter Sauer
    University of Heidelberg, Interdisciplinary Endoscopy Centre

  • Dr. Hannes Kenngott
    University of Heidelberg, Division of Minimally-invasive Surgery of the Department of General Surgery

  • PD Dr. Dogu Teber and Dr. Tobias Simpfendörfer
    University of Heidelberg, Department of Urology

  • Prof. Dr. Carsten Rother
    Head of Visual Learning Lab Heidelberg

  • M.D. Dr. Med. Edgar Santos
    Universität Heidelberg, University Clinic for Neurosurgery

Selected publications

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  1. Maier-Hein, L., Kirchner, T., Groehl, J., MACHINE LEARNING-BASED QUANTITATIVE PHOTOACOUSTIC TOMOGRAPHY (PAT) european patent pending under no. 16177204.1


  • Best Poster Award Annual PhD Retreat of the German Cancer Research Center (2018)
    Janek Gröhl, for work on photoacoustic imaging.
  • Berlin-Brandenburg Academy Prize (2017)
    Lena Maier-Hein, for new imaging techniques to differentiate tumors more reliably from healthy tissue and perform safer surgical anticancer therapies, sponsored by the Monika Kutzner Foundation.

  • Best pitch at Science Sparks Start-ups (2017)
    Sebastian Wirkert, Anant Vemuri and Lena Maier-Hein, for "Rainbow Surgery", sponsored by Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG.

  • conhIT-Nachwuchspreis (2017)
    Janek Gröhl, for the best Masters thesis "Machine learning based quantitative photoacoustic tomography", awarded by conhIT

  • Emil Salzer Prize (2016)
    Prof. Dr. Lena Maier-Hein for "Using sound and light for navigating inside the body", awarded by DKFZ on behalf of Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

  • Thomas-Gessmann-Förderpreis (2015) 
    Justin Iszatt, for Master Thesis "Multispektrale Bildgebung in der Medizin - Entwicklung eines multispektralen Laparoskops zur Schätzung des Sauerstoffgehalts in Geweben", awarded by the Thomas Gessmann-Stiftung
  • KUKA 2nd place Award for Best Paper (2014)
    Sebastian Wirkert et al., for the paper "Endoscopic Sheffield Index for Unsuspervised In Vivo Spectral Band Selection", awarded at the MICCAI CARE workshop.

Keynotes and Invited Talks on COMBIOSCOPY

07 / 2018                The International Workshop of Medical Imaging (Moscow, Russia)
07 / 2018                Beyond Gynecological Surgery Congress (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
06 / 2018                GNB 2018 - Sixth National Congress of Bioengineering (Milano, Italy)
02 / 2018                Medical Information, Information Retrieval, and Data Sciences (Toulouse, France)
11 / 2017                AIS Challenge: Live Surgery & The Operating Theatre of the Future (online talk)
03 / 2017                134th Annual Congress of the German Society for Surgery (Munich, Germany)
11 / 2016                First European Workshop of MedTech Alsace (Strasbourg, France)
09 / 2016                Meet and Match on Optical Imaging (Mannheim, Germany)
09 / 2016                European Health Science Match (Heidelberg, Germany)
02 / 2016                3rd EMBO Conference on Visualizing Biological Data (Heidelberg, Germany)
02 / 2016                BioPro Baden-Württemberg Meet and Match: Optical Imaging: Future Trends in Medical Applications (Mannheim, Germany)
02 / 2016                Dutch society of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing - Spring 2016 Meeting (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

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