Introduction to Molecular Modelling and Simulation

Biophysics lab practical (winter semester, 3 weeks)

Course materials 
The course materials are sorted by topic. Please read all the materials provided for each experiment, before the day of the practical course. There will be a short discussion/test ("Antestat") to check that, before you can start the experiments. 

  • Scanning force microscopy
      • Scanning force microscopy
      • Chapter 2 of Vancso, G. Julius, Schönherr, Holger: "Scanning Force Microscopy of Polymers", Springer Verlag, 2010

Seminar talks from former years

  • FCS introduction (Julia Jäger 2008) [pdf]
  • Single chromatin fiber stretching (Anil Demirata) [pdf / ppt]
  • Myosin V walks hand over hand (Hanna Seitz) [pdf / ppt]
  • High DNA flexibility on short length scales (Anja Schwäger) [pdf]
  • Analytical Ultracentrifugation (Cindy Horwedel) [pdf / ppt]

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