UV-vis absorption spectrometry

Our Cary 4E spectrometer, equipped with automatic temperature controller and cell changer for 12 samples, is used for: 

  • precise spectroscopy for absorbances between 0.001 < OD < 3, with sample volumes 30-2000 µL
  • kinetic measurements
  • thermal denaturation studies

Stady-state fluorimetry

Our SLM 8100 modular fluorimeter is equipped with a Xenon lamp, double grating monochromators, PMTs and polarizers. It is applied for measuring:

  • emission spectra
  • anisotropy
  • FRET
  • sensitive down to 100 pM concentrations

FRET spectroscopy: fluorescence spectra of (non-)acetylated histones labeled with a FRET pair of fluorophores

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