Postdoc Qualification Programme at DKFZ

Postdoc Qualification Programme at DKFZ

Postdocs prepare for their next step

During their time at DKFZ, postdocs contribute to exciting and high impact research programmes. In addition, postdocs are encouraged to improve their professional skills. In the end postdocs broaden their options for future career choices.

The DKFZ Postdoc Qualification Programme offers structured information and training provided by Advanced Training and Career Service. The Programme is open to all postdocs at DKFZ, including the fellows of the DKFZ International Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme. Postdocs are strongly encouraged and supported to devise a personal career development plan.

By the end of the time as Postdoc at DKFZ, a qualified certificate will be issued on request by Advanced Training.

For further information and support please contact Advanced Training or Career Service.

PostDoc Qualification Programme

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