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1.  Lavie M, Struyf S, Stroh-Dege A, Rommelaere J, Van Damme J, Dinsart C. 2013.
Capacity of wild-type and chemokine-armed parvovirus-armed H-1PV for inhibiting tumor angiogenesis. Virology 447:221-32.

2. Halder S, Nam HJ, Govindasamy L, Vogel M, Dinsart C, Salomé N, McKenna R, Agbandje-McKenna M.2013.
Structural characterization of H-1parvovirus: comparison of infectious virions to empty capsids. J.Virol 87,5128-40

3. Sieben M, Schäfer P, Dinsart C, Galle PR, Moehler M. 2013.
Activation oft he human immune system via toll-like receptors by the oncolytic parvovirus H-1. Int J Cancer 132, 2548-56

4. Dempe S, Lavie M, Struyf S, Bhat R, Verbeke H, Paschek S, Berghmans N, Geibig R,   Rommelaere J, Van Damme J, Dinsart C. 2012.
Antitumoral activity of  parvovirus- mediated IL-2 and MCP-3/CCL7 delivery into human pancreatic cancer:  implication of leucocyte recruitment. Cancer Immunol Immunother 61:21113-2123.

5. Weiss N, Stroh-Dege A, Rommelaere J, Dinsart C, Salomé N. 2012.
An in-frame dele- tion in the NS protein-coding sequence of parvovirus H-1PV efficiently stimulates export and infectivity of progeny virions. J Virol 86:7554-7564.

6. Bhat R, Dempe S, Dinsart C, Rommelaere J. 2011.
Enhancement of NK cell anti-tumour responses using an oncolytic parvovirus. Int J Cancer 128:908-919.

7. Dempe S, Stroh-Dege AY, Schwarz E, Rommelaere J, Dinsart C. 2010.
SMAD4: a  pre- dictive marker of PDAC cell permissiveness for oncolytic infection with parvovirus  H-1PV. Int J Canc 126:2914-2927.

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