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   QuickFit 3 - Example Datasets

This pages assembles test datasets für QuickFit 3.0. Some of the tutorials within QuickFit use these datasets!

SPIM-FCS Example Data

The data in this section was acquired on our light sheet microscope with an EMCCD-camera (Andor iXon X3 860) as image sensor. Different samples were imaged under different conditions. The focus properties are usually given in a text file focus_data.txt within the ZIP-archive. For each sample, the ZIP-files contain several different files:

  • basename.tif: a fast (and large) image series of the sample, which can be used for a SPIM-FCS/FCCS data evaluation
  • basename.configuration.ini: a text-file, containing a description of the microscope (filters, ...) and of the acquisition (mode, speed, ...)
  • basename_background.tif: background image series, acquired with the same camera settings, as the main image series, but without illumination
  • basename_overview*.tif overview images before and after the acquisition in different microscope settings (fluorescence, transmission, ...)
  • basename.measured.dat: microscope parameters (temperatures, laser powers, ...) acquired during the measurement
  • focus_data.txt: size of the detection volume (lateral/longitudinal 1/e2-halfwidth) for the measurements
  • beadscan*.pdf: results of the bead scan evaluation script for that day
These example datasets are available:

SPIM-FCCS Example Data

The data in this section assembles several SPIM-FCCS measurements (2-focus/2-color). The file description is given above.

Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting (TCSPC) Example Data

The data in this section was acquired using a PicoQuant TimeHarp200 TCSPC card on a custom-built confocal microscopy.

SPIM Beadscans for PSF determination Example Data

The data in this section assembles several beadscans, acquired on a SPIM (pixel size: 400nm, step-size: 200nm) with sub-resolution fluorescent beads. This data can be used to determine the system PSF either with QuickFit, or with an appropriate Matlab script. Some example evaluation results are contained in the ZIP-files in a sub-folder.




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