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Publications: Papers 1978 - 1989

Note: PDF files ([PDF]) of some of our publications are provided for your convenience. It is understood that you use them according to the copyright rules of the respective publisher.


  1. P. Lindner, H.W. Bewersdorff, R. Heen, P. Sittart, H. Thiel, J. Langowski, R. Oberthür:
    Drag-reducing surfactant solutions in laminar and turbulent flow investigated by small-angle neutron scattering and light scattering.
    Prog. Coll. Polym. Sci (1990) 81 , 107-112
  2. J. Langowski, R. Bryan (1990):
    A new maximum entropy algorithm for the analysis of dynamic light-scattering data: Application to particle distributions and DNA internal motions.
    Progr. Colloid Polym. Sci. 81 , 269
  3. S. Krueger, A. Maxwell, J. Langowski, A. Wlodawer, M. Gellert, J. Zaccai:
    Neutron scattering and hydrodynamic studies of the structure of E. coli Gyrase.
    J. Mol. Biol. (1990) 211 , 211-220
  4. M. Cuillel, B. Cortolezzis, J. Chroboczek, J. Langowski, R. Ruigrok, B. Jacrot:
    Isolation and characterization of the Protein IIIa from wild type and ts112 Adenovirus 2.  
    Virology (1990) 175 , 222-231


  1. J. Langowski, R. Bryan:
    Dynamic light scattering: data analysis and applications to some biological systems.
    Proceedings of the European Workshop on "Neutron, X-Ray and Light Scattering as an Investigative Tool for Colloidal and Polymeric Systems", Bombannes, France, 27 May - 2 June, 1990, P. Lindner and T. Zemb (eds), Elsevier, Amsterdam 1991
  2. J. Langowski, R. Bryan:
    Maximum Entropy analysis of photon correlation spectroscopy data using a Bayesian estimate for the regularization parameter.  
    Macromolecules (1991) 24 , 6346-6348
  3. I. Dustin, P. Furrer, A. Stasiak, J. Dubochet, J. Langowski, E. Egelman:
    Spatial visualization of DNA in solution.
    J. Struct. Biol. (1991) 107 , 15-21
  4. G. Chirico, J. Langowski:
    Calcul des propriétés hydrodynamiques de l'ADN par un algorithme de Dynamique Brownienne de deuxième ordre.
    J. Chimie Physique (1991) 88 , 2561-2566


  1. C. Ebel, F. Guinet, J. Langowski, C. Urbanke, J. Gagnon, G. Zaccai:
    Solution studies of the elongation factor Tu from the extreme halophile Halobacterium marismortui .  
    J. Mol. Biol. (1992) 223 , 361-371
  2. G. Chirico, J. Langowski:
    Calculating hydrodynamic properties of DNA through a second-order Brownian Dynamics algorithm.
    Macromolecules (1992) 25 , 769-775
  3. O. Coux, H.G. Nothwang, K. Scherrer, W. Bergsma-Schutter, A. Arnberg, P.A. Timmins, J.   Langowski, C. Cohen-Addad:
    Structure and RNA content of the prosome.
    Febs L. (1992), 300 , 49-55
  4. F. Thibault, J. Langowski, R. Leberman:
    Pre-nucleation crystallization studies on aminoacyl-tRNA-synthetases by dynamic light-scattering.
    J. Mol. Biol. (1992) 225 , 185-191
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    Dynamic light scattering for study of solution conformation   and dynamics of superhelical DNA.  
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    Preparation of DNA topoisomers by RP-18 high performance liquid chromatography.
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    Optimizing protein crystallization by aggregate size distribution analysis using dynamic light scattering.
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    Ten microseconds in the life of a superhelix.
    J. Math. Chem. (1993) 13 , 33-43; [PDF]
  2. A. Timchenko, J. Langowski, I. Serdyuk:
    Structural changes in 16S RNA from E.coli upon unfolding by urea.
    Biopolymers (1993) 33 , 1747-1755
  3. W. Kremer, K. Klenin, S. Diekmann, J. Langowski:
    DNA curvature influences the internal motions of supercoiled DNA.
    EMBO J. (1993) 12 , 4407-4412


  1. G. Chirico, J. Langowski:
    Kinetics of DNA supercoiling studied by Brownian Dynamics simulation.
    Biopolymers (1994) 34 , 415-433
  2. J. Langowski, U. Kapp, K. Klenin, A. Vologodskii:
    Solution structure and dynamics of DNA topoisomers. Dynamic light scattering studies and Monte-Carlo simulations.
    Biopolymers (1994) 34 , 639-646
  3. J. Langowski, G. Chirico, U. Kapp:
    DNA supercoil dynamics studied by dynamic light scattering and Brownian dynamics simulations.
    In: Structural Biology: The State of the Art. Proceedings of the Eighth Conversation, State University of New York, Albany, NY 1993. Eds. R. H. Sarma & M. H. Sarma, Adenine Press 1994


  1. K. Klenin, M. D. Frank-Kamenetskii, J. Langowski:
    Modulation of intramolecular interactions in superhelical DNA by curved sequences: a Monte-Carlo simulation study. (1995)
    Biophys. J. , 68 , 81-88
  2. E. Valero, S. de Bonis, O. Filhol, R.H. Wade, J. Langowski, E.M. Chambaz, C. Cochet:
    Quaternary structure of of Casein kinase 2 - Characterization of Multiple Oligomeric States and Relation with Its Catalytic Activity (1995)
    J. Biol. Chem. 270 , 8345-8352
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    Supercoiling couples DNA curvature to the overall shape and the internal motion of the DNA molecule in solution.
    TheoChem 336 , 227-234
  4. C. Ebel, W. Altekar, G. Krishnan, J. Langowski, C. Urbanke, E. Forest, G. Zaccai (1995):
    Solution structure of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from Haloarcula vallismortis .
    Biophys. Chem. 54 , 219-227
  5. K. Rippe, P. H. v. Hippel, J. Langowski (1995):
    Action at a distance: the effect of DNA looping on the local protein concentration.
    Trends Biochem.Sci. 20 , 500-506


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    DNA supercoiling, localized bending, and thermal fluctuations.
    Trends Biochem. Sci. 21 , 50
  2. C. Pfannschmidt, A. Schaper, G. Heim, T. M. Jovin and J. Langowski (1996):
    Sequence-specific labeling of superhelical DNA by triple helix formation and psoralen crosslinking.
    Nucl. Acids Res., 24 , 1702-1709
  3. A. Barge, J. Gagnon, A. Chaffotte, P. Timmins, J. Langowski, R.W.H. Ruigrok, Y. Gaudin (1996):
    Rod-like shape of vesicular stomatitis virus matrix protein.
    Virology, 219 , 465-470
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    Brownian dynamics simulations of supercoiled DNA with bent sequences.
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    Nuclear architecture and the induction of chromosomal aberrations.
    Mutation Res. 366 , 97-116.


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    CABIOS 13 (3), 271-279
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    Nucl. Acids Res., 25 , 511-517
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    Brownian dynamics simulation of chromatin.
    In: OOCNS'96 - Conference on object oriented computing in the natural sciences, Grenoble 1996, G. Tuparev (ed.)
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    Modelling large DNA molecules: long-range interactions and regulation of transcription.
    In: Nucleic Acids & Molecular Biology, Vol. 11: Mechanism in Transcription. Eds.: D. Lilley & F. Eckstein, 1997 Springer-Verlag Heidelberg
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    Superhelix dimensions of a 1868 base pair DNA plasmid determined by scanning force microscopy in air and in aqueous solution.
    Nucl. Acids Res., 25 , 1736-1744
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    Curvature and sequence analysis of eukaryotic promoters.
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    Salt effects on the structure and internal dynamics of superhelical DNAs studied by light scattering and Brownian dynamics.
    Biophys. J. 73 , 2674-2687
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    Nuclear architecture and the formation of chromosome aberrations.
    Radiat. Res. 148 : 513-515.


  1. C. Pfannschmidt, J. Langowski (1998):
    Superhelix organization by DNA curvature as measured through site-specific labeling.
    J. Mol. Biol. 275 (4), 601-611
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    Looping dynamics of linear DNAs and the effect of DNA curvature. A study by Brownian dynamics simulation.
    Biophys. J.   74 , 773-779 [PDF]
  3. K. Klenin, H. Merlitz, J. Langowski (1998):
    A Brownian dynamics program for the simulation of linear and circular DNA and other wormlike chain polyelectrolytes.
    Biophys. J. 74 , 780-788 [PDF]
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    DNA-binding and oligomerization of NtrC studied by fluorescence anisotropy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.
    Nucl. Acids Res. 26 , 1373-1381
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    Chromosome structure predicted by a polymer model.
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    Mutation Res., 404 , 77-88
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    Biophys. J. 75 , 3075-3063 [PDF]
  10. A. Schulz, N. Mücke, J. Langowski, K. Rippe (1998):
    Scanning force microscopy of E.coli RNA polymerase . σ54 holoenzyme complexes with DNA in buffer and in air.
    J. Mol. Biol. 283 , 821-836.
  11. 1999




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