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Her you can find information on the current project status. It will be illustrated in increments of a few weeks.

The steps are shown in reverse order, with the latest one listed first.


Last update: June 13, 2016


Step 3

Version 1 of an Upload Tool

A Java Tool was implemented to allow users to provide data to the DTH project was implemented.

Backup-Script for the HANA Server Implemented

A script conducting automated backups and cleaning up obsolete data was implemented on the HANA server.

NCT MASTER Program as Goal for the First Productive Application

The NCT MASTER program data shall be used for the first productive application of HANA at DKFZ.

Definition of Rights and Roles

A concept defining precise user rights and roles has been developed.

Testing of the SAP Text Analysis for the Medical Field

SAP introduced their text analysis tool and receives test data to optimize it for our needs.

Step 2

Drafting a Data Security Policy

A data security policy was drafted and discussed with the data security officers of Heidelberg University Hospital and DKFZ.

Designing an Upload Tool

Options for the implementation of a tool to upload data into the SAP HANA database of the DTH project were designed.

cBioportal Workshop

The project team held a workshop on the cBioportal application in order to discuss its use within the project.

Setting up a Project Website

The project website was designed and implemented.

Identifying Knowledge Databases with Useful Data

External Databases to be used as data sources or references were researched.

Workshop on the NCT Clinical Trial Gateway

The project team held a workshop on the CTIS application in order to discuss its use within the project.

Step 1

Getting an Overview

The existing infrastructure of the HANA server was reviewed.

Configuration of the HANA Platform for Health (HPH)

The website was furnished with SSL and unlocked for the first test users.

Setting up the Project Documentation

A Wiki for the project team was established.

Importing Genomics Test Data into HANA

A referential genome and data sets with test data of individual gene sequences were imported and made accessible for the test users.

Importing Radiomics Test Data into HANA

Data sets with radiomics test data were imported and made accessible to the test users.

Importing Test Data from the Cancer Registry into HANA

Test data sets of from the NCT cancer registry with manually generated data were imported and made accessible to the test users.

Server Update

The server and the HPH web application were updated.

Reviewing the Use of Unstructured Documents

The requirements for the use of unstructured Documents from the clinical context were reviewed together with representatives of the NCT cancer registry and NCT medical staff.

Identifying Data Sources

Potential source systems to provide data for HANA later on were identified.

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