Lectures and seminars

Summer term 2017, University of Heidelberg

Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Advanced lecture (4 h): „Medical Physics II“ (Peter Bachert)
Seminar [Master–Pflichtseminar] (2 h): „Methods of Physics in Biology and Medicine“ (Peter Bachert, Joao Seco)

Medical Faculty

Seminar (1 h): "NMR Spectroscopy and CEST Imaging" (Mark E. Ladd, Peter Bachert, Steffen Görke)
Seminar (1 h): „Aktuelle Probleme der Physik der bildgebenden Verfahren / Problems of Physics of Imaging Techniques“ (Ladd, Bachert, Behl, Kachelrieß, Komljenovic, Kuder, Magill, Maier, Peter, Straub, Umathum)



Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Theses

Bachelor (physics), Master (physics), and Doctoral theses (physics, chemistry, biology), which are accomplished in this research group, cover interdisciplinary topics and provide the student with the opportunity to gain experience in the fields of experimental physics, biophysics, and medical physics. In particular, knowledge can be acquired in the following areas:

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and imaging (MRI) of biological systems.

Development of new techniques and applications on MR tomographs.

Experimental studies of biochemical and physiological processes in tissue, with emphasis on medical issues.

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