Computer-assisted medical interventions



mbits (formerly: “Medical Embedded Systems”, MES) is a working group within the department of Medical and Biological Informatics (MBI) that focuses on radiological software for mobile devices, such as tablet PCs and smartphones. The group was set up in 2010, about the same time as the first tablet computers became available.

Mobile devices open up completely new possibilities for IT in the health sector, in which mobility, data availability and seamless communication are vital. The group’s initial focus was on transferring the experience and existing technology of the MBI department to mobile medical image processing software and evaluating this software in a clinical setting. In addition to using mobile devices for viewing images and for surgical navigation, the working group carries out research in the field of innovative human–machine interfaces for intraoperative screen control.

Because of the high practical relevance of this topic the group is currently being hived off. The foundation of an mbits GmbH is scheduled for summer 2014. Thereafter the group will continue to actively perform research, in addition to cooperating with the MBI department at the German Cancer Research Center.


In 2013 mbits received the Prinz von Hohenzollern Innovation Award, which is awarded every year to exceptional hive-offs in the Rhine-Neckar region of Germany.

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