Computer-assisted medical interventions

SFB/Transregio 125 "Cognition-Guided Surgery"

SFB/Transregio 125 "Cognition-Guided Surgery"


The aim of the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre (TCRC) 'Cognition-Guided Surgery' is to create a technical, cognitive system to support the surgeon. It will act in a similar way to a human assistant while permanently retaining vital knowledge to be transferred, accumulated and reused for future operations.

The system will be able to

  • amass and combine preoperative, perioperative and post-operative information and interpret it through a knowledge base,
  • continuously follow the operational procedure and gather relevant information ('perception'),
  • incorporate both factual and practical knowledge ('knowledge base') and use this information to assess the current situation ('interpretation'), recommending, when necessary, an appropriate course of action ('action'),
  • return the results to the database as part of the learning progress and store the information to be made available for future use.

The surgeon is therefore able to carry out future therapy more effectively, providing the upmost quality.

SFB/Transregio 125 "Cognition-Guided Surgery"


Project partner

University Clinic Heidelberg

Karlsruher Institut of Technologie (KIT)

German Cancer Research Center

Projects of the Division of Medical and Biological Informatics

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