Research interests

The group studies immunological processes in the tumor microenvironment and in autoimmunity using high field MRI at 9.4 T in glioma and EAE models. We are employing correlative immunological and optical methods (2 Photon, confocal and ultramicroscopy) to validate MR imaging findings.



Team members

  • Michael Breckwoldt
  • Katrin Deumelandt
  • Philipp Münch
  • Klara Kirschbaum
  • Kianush Karimian
  • Manuel Fischer


  • K Kirschbaum, J Sonner, M Zeller, K Deumelandt, ……W Wick, ….., M Bendszus, M Platten and MO Breckwoldt, In vivo nanoparticle imaging of innate immune cells can serve as a marker of disease severity in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis, PNAS, 2016  
  • MO Breckwoldt, J Bode, FT Kurz, A Hoffmann, K Ochs, M Ott, K Deumelandt, ….K Kirschbaum, …A Abdollahi, F Winkler, W Wick, M Platten, S Heiland, M Bendszus and B Tews Correlated MR imaging and ultramicroscopy (MR-UM) is a tool kit to assess the dynamics of glioma angiogenesis, eLIFE, 2015


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